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New school year . . . Confusion . . . Quality of education . . . Virtual lessons . . . But only 3-5 hours a week . . . In-school but for only 2 days . . . Pandemic Pods and Microschools?? . . . What is best??!!


I have 30 years of experience in the classroom and 18+ year tutoring students in K-12 as well as college. I want to help remove your STRESS this year. I am a learning specialist who can supplement your child’s school zoom and independent work sessions, create fun accelerated lessons, and/or help build her/his organization and time management skills. Currently I am working online, and I have experienced good success engaging students during our sessions. Check my Resume and give me a call and we can create a plan to make education appealing to your children and lessen your stress!

DEBORAH SIMON 571-236-3858

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