For more than fifteen years Debbie has been preparing students for the SAT and ACT college entrance tests.  Her students are proud of the 50 – 400 point gains they have experienced on the SAT  and 2 – 10 point gains on the ACT.

“I would not have done as well without Debbie’s help,”
states AZ.

“My daughter raised her SAT score 200 points and was accepted in her top school.”

“Debbie shows me how to do a problem and then we practice until I get it right,” says SA.  “Then it is easy on the test.”

“Debbie showed me strategies that made the math problems doable,” RG says with relief.

Almost all students participate in some form of preparation before taking the SAT or ACT. Some students need a few sessions to help decipher the unique language of the test and to practice some strategies that will help increase accuracy and speed. Other students need to re-learn some of the concepts on the tests.  In addition to strategies and language, these students will concentrate on math, reading comprehension, grammar, and/or writing concepts that will enable them to increase their scores.  These lessons will be individualized.

All SAT/ACT students will have several opportunities to take timed (either standard or extended) practice tests with private feedback.