Deborah B. Simon
Lead Tutor
(6-12 grade and college)

Every person has the right to an education, yet some people have difficulty accessing the necessary resources and information. Debbie’s life work is to enable children, students, and adults to become successful, productive learners by obtaining and nurturing the individualized tools necessary to access the resources that make life-long learning possible.  For 40 years, Debbie has worked with students and teachers to develop and implement such programs. So, whether you need to master phonics or math facts, writing or reading comprehension, SAT or ACT, GED or GRE, pre-algebra or algebra 2 or geometry, college admissions, college courses, or reactivate an aging mind, Debbie has the strategies, tactics, and resources to make your road easier to navigate.
Beth Blick
(Elementary and Middle School)
(available via Skype and FaceTime)


tu•tor - [too-ter] - noun

1. A person employed to instruct another in some branch or branches of learning, especially a private instructor.

2. A teacher of academic rank lower than instructor in some American universities and colleges.

3. A teacher without institutional connection who assists students in preparing for examinations.